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EB 3340 bby by itzsolar EB 3340 bby :iconitzsolar:itzsolar 4 0 Payment for Slot 2/2 by itzsolar Payment for Slot 2/2 :iconitzsolar:itzsolar 1 3 Payment for Slot by itzsolar Payment for Slot :iconitzsolar:itzsolar 1 0 Entry #4 for 2589 by itzsolar Entry #4 for 2589 :iconitzsolar:itzsolar 4 0 EB 2589 capture attempt by itzsolar EB 2589 capture attempt :iconitzsolar:itzsolar 1 0 Headshot YCH! by itzsolar Headshot YCH! :iconitzsolar:itzsolar 2 0


ID 1570 FAF Fortis Corde by Featherthefurry ID 1570 FAF Fortis Corde :iconfeatherthefurry:Featherthefurry 9 36 2006 - TRS Argentum Album by Rarzz 2006 - TRS Argentum Album :iconrarzz:Rarzz 4 3 2586 SLS Vocans Avis by pancakebossart101 2586 SLS Vocans Avis :iconpancakebossart101:pancakebossart101 7 5 EB reference  by equine2210 EB reference :iconequine2210:equine2210 3 1 3386 Foal Design  by sana-0095 3386 Foal Design :iconsana-0095:sana-0095 6 7 Rose Quartz by Br0kEnBunnies Rose Quartz :iconbr0kenbunnies:Br0kEnBunnies 98 16 Wild Ballator | ID 3342 | Capture Attempt by guitarcookie16 Wild Ballator | ID 3342 | Capture Attempt :iconguitarcookie16:guitarcookie16 15 11 Wild Ballator | ID 3342 | Capture Attempt 2 by guitarcookie16 Wild Ballator | ID 3342 | Capture Attempt 2 :iconguitarcookie16:guitarcookie16 15 3 EB ref by equine2210 EB ref :iconequine2210:equine2210 1 0 On the Run by Rarzz On the Run :iconrarzz:Rarzz 3 0 3379 Random Oriental for pancakebossart101 by EverlastingStables 3379 Random Oriental for pancakebossart101 :iconeverlastingstables:EverlastingStables 13 2 3335 Caerulum Duellator by cmlsketches 3335 Caerulum Duellator :iconcmlsketches:cmlsketches 8 13 015 - TRS Mitis Gigantis by Rarzz 015 - TRS Mitis Gigantis :iconrarzz:Rarzz 7 4 1325 For Me by naomithewolf 1325 For Me :iconnaomithewolf:naomithewolf 4 0 3055 | Melekure Stables | Demens Regnum Huius Deum by ToxicCreed 3055 | Melekure Stables | Demens Regnum Huius Deum :icontoxiccreed:ToxicCreed 6 18 Salem - 1689 by Thecopperbeast Salem - 1689 :iconthecopperbeast:Thecopperbeast 27 8



Hello. I've got 27 points. My good friend has a tiger oc that needs a ref and I am willing to pay with all the points I have (which is 27.) is anyone willing to do it?
Hi guys, I have a quick question :) does anyone have any jesters, Africans or plains that have slots open? I have 40 points. I'm also willing to pay with art too! Thanks in advance ^.^
As I shakily climbed onto Minas's back, he snorted, I sighed. "We've got this buddy," I murmured. He didn't reply, not even a grunt! I stroked his soft fur. "Let's go!" I shouted, squeezing my legs on his stomach. He grunted and began galloping to the Ballator. "He's got to be here!" I groaned, getting frustrated. "Where did he run off to? I could've sworn I saw him here!"

Minas perked his ears and trotted to the left. I stared where my Ballator was staring at, until I saw him. I reached out to touch him, but  I knew I was too far to even feel his soft fur. "I need to get him." I gasped. "He's more beautiful than I thought." I stared, astonished for a few moments. Minas travelled after the wild stallion. The stallion stared at me. ME! Wow, his eyes are so gorgeous! I blinked a few times to focus on capturing him. I dismounted my ballator and carried an extra lead.

I slowly walked up to the large horse. He snorted and bucked around a few times. I reached out my hand to stroke his muzzle. To my surprise, he calmed down and sniffed me. He sneezed and stared at Minas for a few moments. "Will you come home with me?" I murmured. The stallion stared right into my eyes. I smiled a little.

The Ballator let out a yowl and bolted off. I instantly scrambled onto Minas and charged after him. I veered my horse over until we and the wild Ballator were side by side. The stallion eventually grew tired and stopped running. Minas stopped and sounded like he let out a relieved sigh. I got off and slowly put out my hand. The stallion stared at me but didn't move. I began to stroke his neck. It was so soft. As I stared into his eyes, Minas began snorting. I smiled at him, and began putting my spare lead around the Ballator's neck. He bucked around and bolted again. I screamed with frustration, getting on Minas. He didn't move a muscle. I kicked his stomach hard. "Go on, move you big spas!" I yelled. He flattened his ears and chased after him. The stallion soon stopped and lay down. I got off my Ballator and stroked the wild horse. "Please, come home with me." He flattened his ears. I didn't want to scare him off. As he got up, I backed up. The large beast didn't move, though. He eventually stared at Minas. He stared back. They both stared for a long time. I got a little nervous. Minas walked in front of me and snorted at the wild Ballator. The stallion didn't reply for a moment. He neighed and trotted off. I sighed with frustration and defeat. "This is going to be harder than I thought." I got on Minas and slowly followed after the Ballator. We did this for quite some time until I decided to go home.

The next day, I woke up early and excitedly got out of my bed. I felt that I was going to get that Ballator! I ran out my house and over to Minas's stable. I tacked him up and quickly got on him. "Today's the day bud!" I yelled happily. "Go on, lets go!" I said impatiently. Minas started trotting, and soon broke into a gallop. I looked everywhere for that wild beast, but I couldn't find him. "Come on, find him Minas!" I whispered. Minas perked his ears and galloped quickly. It felt like hours of running until we found the large horse, laying down. He perked his ears and got up when he realized Minas and I returned. He flattened his ears and neighed. I slowly got off my horse and walked over to him. "It's just me," I murmured. "Don't be afraid!" The large animal bucked around for a moment until he calmed down and sniffed my face. I backed up slightly. He stared at me. I felt a connection. I smiled and tickled his snout. He snorted. I laughed a little. As I tried once again to put a lead around him, the large horse galloped off. I rolled my eyes and walked over to Minas. I climbed onto his back and squeezed as hard as I could on his stomach. He grunted and ran after the Ballator. We walked with the wild animal until the sun began to set and Minas and I returned home. I was exhausted and felt defeated. I knew I couldn't give up, however. I hadn't failed. . . yet.

The next morning I got up at 6:30am. I was tired, but I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep without waking up two minutes later thinking about that darn horse. I rubbed my eyes and got onto my feet, walking down the stairs, out the door, basically walking like a zombie to Minas. I eventually forced myself to wake up. I tacked up my horse, got onto his back, and got him to just take a slow run to the wild Ballator. I wanted to take my time. I knew I'd be successful catching him. I could feel it! Minas walked about until he finally caught scent of the horse. He trotted over to him. The Ballator was munching on grass. "Hey buddy, I brought a carrot." I murmured, jumping down from Minas. As I reached in my pockets to grab the carrot, it was gone. I widened my eyes. I turned to face Minas. He was eating the carrot. "Hey! That wasn't for you!" I cried. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Oh well. I can't stay mad at you." I walked up to the wild animal and stroked his snout. He stared at me for a long while. It was silent. I smiled at him. "Please, come home with me." I whispered. I felt a connection between this horse and I. I liked him a lot. "Be a part of my family. . ." I murmured. I slowly took the lead out. We both stared at it.

  ID & Link to Wild Ballator: 3342 equusballatorsociety.deviantar…
   Items used: n/a (my Ballator Minas?)
   Past Entries: n/a
EB 3340 bby
ID: 3340
Name: Pulchra Minas (means beautiful threat)
Nickname: Minas (Pronounced "minus")
Sex: Colt

Type: Mountain Equus Ballator
Phenotype: Sooty black merle
Genotype: EE aa nSty nM
Sooty +2
Merle +2
Horn Color (Dull) +1
Horn Shape (Webbed, Spined) +3
Extra Set (Webbed, Spined) +5
Extra Set +2
Total: 15
Personality: Minas is a very stubborn Ballator. He only like things when it's his way and he'll do what he wants when he wants. 
------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: 564 FAF Alae Aquilae
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: 431 Princess of the Dead Night
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: B-959 - Angeli vel Daemones
----------------- DS: 878 Angelus in Nebula
------------------------------------------ DSD: DS-015 - Vehicula in Nebula
------------------------------------------ DDS: 686 | Rex Somnium Comedenti
----------------- DD: 701 | Illusio
------------------------------------------ DDD: B-925| Improbus

NOTE: left ear is deaf and left eye is blind! (Merle is touching both the eye and ear)
design is by :iconbrynlison:
Hey again everyone! I finally got myself an EB, and he/she still needs a design! Here's the info I have:

ID 3340
Mountain with 4 maximum horns (1 head, 1-2 shoulder, 1 possible rump)

ID 3340
Mountain with 4 maximum horns (1 head, 1-2 shoulder, 1 possible rump)

EE aa nSty nM
Sooty black merle
Ee aa nD nCh nR
Classic champagne dun roan
I prefer the black Merle but either one of those are fine
so if anyone is willing to design the little dude, comment ^^

I have 7 points. That's all I can offer :(


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I do art trades!
I draw a lot, my style is somewhat chibi
Horses and Wolves/dogs are my go-to!


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